the sad lady of decay (ladyofdecay) wrote in wc3,
the sad lady of decay

Dear Leavers of DotA,

I hate you.

I hate you all. I hate you all with a fiery passion that can only be found in the deepest bowels of hell. I hate you so much that I wish to put salt into your eyeball holes and staple them shut.

You ruin my few precious hours to play DotA. Sometimes, I only have an hour or so to play. And your leaving twenty minutes into the game ruins it all for me. This is why I hate you. This is why I create voodoo dolls with your images on them and plug them full of rat semen soaked needles.

The only people I hate more than you are the people who call leavers "fags". Or n00bs "fags" for that matter. You are the only ones I hate more than leavers. And that's a lot of hate.

So please. Dont leave. And dont hate. Or else I will hate.

Love, Vanessa
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