Nomad (atonement) wrote in wc3,

Hi. Im trying to find some people to play with but no luck on bnet. I pl;ay on Azeroth (East).

I also enjoy the modified games, especially FFTactics, MtG Tower War, and FFA.

My AIM is HesFookingIrish

hit me up.

Dont hit me up if your a douchebag. I get enough on the random game generator, I dont need to deal with them on my AIM. So save me the single click it takes to block you and just forget it if you are one of those people who, when they see someone doing something youve never seen, or a player who is still learning and call them "no0b" or "newb" or worse, but offer no constructive criticism. A big fat f--- you if your one and your reading this.

Second: Dont ask me to change servers. I cant.
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