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Zoator TD: Final CUSTOM MAP

Ok, here's the deal - My fella and I love playing the custom map Zoator TD: Final. I'm relatively new to playing this map whereas my guy is more experienced... I digress - We try our best to get through the whole map but we find that there are so many dickheads out there who just do not listen to reason and will spend the whole time shouting "OMG U SUX!!!" along with a whole list of names etc. It goes without saying I have never been able to get that far with this map after so many people bitching at each other and quitting out of sheer stupidity and/or out of spite. And once a pile quit the game, well, then we're pretty much screwed no matter how we look at it.

An example of this map is going wrong: My guy usually plays grey (which, as you'll know, is the last line of defense on this particular map) which means his strategy is to SAVE and hope that the first and second lines of defense don't leak any creeps for the first 10 rounds. This, for some reason, pisses a lot of people off and they quit the game early on (not before shouting "GREY YOU FAG!!") because they just don't get that grey is meant to be saving and not wasting money on weak towers trying to defeat creeps that others should've wiped out already!

Anywho, I've rambled on a bit here - My whole reason for posting was to ask if anyone here has ever played this map. If so, (or if you haven't and you're willing - and mature enough - to try it out) would you like to get together sometime and play this map for one evening maybe this weekend? I'm looking for a total of eight other people to play. I always play green and my guy plays grey (as mentioned above) so there's pretty much one slot for every line available! It'd be a private game so there's no way of silly little idiot joining and ruining it for the rest of us. I'm desperate here guys! I just want to have one decent game on that map with my guy and other mature people.

Leave a comment here if you're interested or add me on (I'm on the US East server AND the Europe server as "Tourmaline") or, if all else fails, add me on Xfire (privateskylark)

Sorry for the long post. Thanks for reading and I apologise if I've just confused the hell out of some people who have never played this map before :]
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