FireWalkWithMe (luminousmotion) wrote in wc3,

New computer, network, new lag spikes

So I got a new computer, much more powerful than my old one. As well my connection speed is a lot better. It was 11ms, now its 54ms. But I'm also now in a new network behind a cable modem and router in one. When playing DOTA I'm getting lots of lag spikes. Everything stops and then moves super fast for a second or two. Any ideas?
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The best I could think of would be to open a few ports for Wc3, although I forget which ones specifically the program uses. You should be able to find the info browsing around either the Wc3 site or the Blizzard site.
Isolate the problem. See if it occurs with just Warcraft 3, or a network connection issue. Send a couple pings and compare times between them. If the pings are spiking as well, call your ISP and report intermittent connectivity.